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How to Create Suitable Augmented Reality Application to Teach Social Skills for Children with ASD


Abstract: Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are characterized by a reduced ability to appropri ately express social greetings. Studies have indicated that individuals with ASD might not recognize the crucial nonverbal cues that usually aid social interaction. This study applied augmented reality (AR) with tabletop role-playing game (AR-RPG) to focus on the standard nonverbal social cues to teach children with ASD, how to appropriately reciprocate when they socially interact with others. The results showed that intervention system provides an AR combined with physical manipulatives and presents corresponding specifc elements in an AR 3D animation with dialogue; thus, it can be used to help them  increase  their social  interaction skills and drive  their atention  toward  the meaning and social value of greeting behavior in specifc social situations. We conclude that AR-RPG of social situations helped children with ASD recognize and beter understand these situations and moderately efective in teaching the target greeting responses.


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